One of the most significant features of your home is the garage. As such, you want it to work properly and last for a long time. After all, your garage gives your home a finished look, protects your vehicles from the elements of nature, adds an extra layer of security, and allows you to hide items you have stored for a later date.

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However, like any other feature of the home, it must be serviced and maintained, or else the day will come when you press the remote and your garage door does not raise or lower as needed. A simple garage door service call may not be enough at that point. Fortunately, if you are willing to perform some simple garage door maintenance tasks, you can reduce the need for an expensive garage door repair appointment.

Keeping Service Calls to a Minimum with Garage Door Maintenance

  • When raising and lowering the garage door, pay attention to what you see as well as what you hear—or don’t hear. Check to see if everything is moving smoothly, if it is scraping, and if the springs, pulleys, and cables are symmetrical.
  • Keep the garage door tracks clear of debris and, on occasion, use a level to check for the balance. This will make the door move more smoothly.
  • The average garage door is raised and lowered 1,000 times per year. The nuts, bolts, and other hardware vibrate to varying degrees every time it moves. These parts can become loose over time. Take the time to inspect these components and use a socket wrench to tighten the roller brackets and bolts.
  • Maintain the lubrication of the moving parts. On the chain of the opener, use white lithium grease, and on parts like the overhead springs, use a spray lubricant.
  • Replace the weather stripping on your garage door’s bottom. This piece will occasionally become cracked, brittle, or damaged due to its exposure to the elements. This is a simple method for extending the life of your garage doors.
  • While you should never attempt to repair or replace the cables, you can ensure that they are sturdy and have not frayed. Call a garage door service company like Garage Door Springtown as soon as you notice the cables beginning to wear!

There isn’t a single part of your house that doesn’t require some sort of upkeep. Your garage door is no different. However, if you set aside time to complete these basic tasks, you will be able to improve your next garage door servicing appointment. In fact, you may be able to schedule them further apart than you think. Speak with a local garage door service company to learn how to get the most out of your garage door and get the longest lifespan possible – it’ll be time well spent and money well saved!