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Garage Door Spring Issues and Repair Solutions

Some garage door problems require a lot more attention and simply can’t be repaired by the homeowner. One of these repairs is the garage door springs itself. This is one of the main components that make the door run and operate.

There are two types of springs; they are the Extension Spring and the Torsion Spring. Neither of these should be touched unless you are a skilled professional. There could be a sure risk while trying to change them if you are not well trained to do the job.

garland garage door

Both springs help to build up energy and some serious injuries can take place if the change of springs is not properly done. You should contact an expert to change your garage door garland tx to avoid any further problems. Garage door service companies provide all types of garage door repair services.

If your garage door spring is not working properly you can go over to the manual switch and pull the cable and manually close and open the door of your garage, however it is extremely heavy. The springs are the most common problem with outages and it usually takes place unexpectedly. You may be already late for an appointment, rushing to the airport, or simply running out of cash to get it repaired.

Look for an expert garage door Service Company around your area, but be careful about some who charge a very low replacement price. Many times that is only for the cost of the spring and then they ask you to pay for labor above that. Prior you hire the company to get the work done for you inquire and ask properly especially the inclusions of the rate given. Garage door service deals in all kinds of door repairs and services.

A few problems can be easily fixed by the house owner itself. A lot of times driveshaft or the chain only needs to be oiled. It is recommended to apply a good lubricant or any Silicon-based lubricator. Also, make sure the sensors are well placed and aligned.

This could result in the door not close or open properly. Many times service calls are necessary as the door is not opening or closing well since the remote or sensor alignment has lost connection with the opener itself. Also, you want to make sure that the track of the garage door is smoothly moving up & down too and there is nothing on the path of the rollers.

Professional Garage Door Preventive Maintenance and Inspection

What Is a Garage Door?

In concise and simple words, a garage door is a simple piece of machinery. It generally moves up and down every time you leave and enter the house again. In addition to everyday use, the rainy and humid weather will certainly leave a spot on any piece of equipment, including garage doors. That’s why regular preventive maintenance and inspection on your garage door in Texas could be the best way to prevent major malfunctions and possible safety threats that could cost expensive repairs and unwanted accidents.

Sherman garage Door

The Need for Regular Inspection and Maintenance

The sherman tx garage door is considered a very important and useful feature of your home. To understand the requirements for daily inspection and maintenance, the following are the important reasons why your garage door matters to you a lot:


The major reason why your garage door needs to inspect regularly has something to do with safety. Being the largest moving part of your house, it can be foolish to open and close it carelessly without going through its condition. If any malfunction happens, it can injure you, your car, pets, or even your kids.


Garage doors in Texas do not only protect the cars and vehicle, but they also safeguard your home against any possible threat. However, it is one of the largest entry points in your home and requires to be maintained properly to make sure that it can’t turn into an easy target for burglars and other criminals. If you don’t have time to maintain your garage door, it is a wise and smart move to hire a professional for garage door repair in Texas to keep your family safe and secure.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic appeal is one of the reasons why your garage door matters. A damaged garage door can make your home look horrible and shabby. While a new or a well-maintained garage door can add value to your property. It may not be as significant as safety and security, but don’t disregard aesthetic appeal.

Useful Inspection and Maintenance Tips

Although you will never want to work on extension or torsion springs of garage door without taking any professional help, there are some beneficial inspection and maintenance-related tasks you have to handle on your own carefully. Here are some:

Check Old Springs

It is okay to inspect garage door springs on your own. You should do this a few times a year. Inspect anything that looks to be broken or deteriorating. If you check these machines regularly, you can be able to notice if something is out of place and damage.

Test Sensors

All garage door openers manufactured and installed earlier are necessary to have a safety reversing mechanism. You must test this system on a regular basis to make certain that your family is safe and secure. So, you can do and follow these three steps:

1. Start the procedure by placing the sensors on the bottom of either side of the door. The sensor must be installed within six inches of the ground. If they are placed a few higher, it’s highly suggested that they should be positioned lower.

2. Use an object to block one of the sensors and press the garage door close button. The door must not be closed.

3. Place an object at least 1.5 inches high off the ground and in the pathway of the door. The door should start to close and then get reversed once it hits the object.

If the safety reversing mechanism of the garage door appears to be working, you are good to go. If not, call an expert on garage door repair in Texas for a second opinion.

Lubricating Hinges and Rollers

You can maintain your garage door and do it on your own just like to lubricate squeaky hinges, rollers, and springs. It will best for you not to touch these parts; so make sure to use a bottle of white lithium grease spray as it will permit you to keep the system running smoothly and calmly.

Contact a Local Expert Today

If your garage door requires repair or maintenance, you should call on you’re trusted professional garage door service provider in Texas and get needed recommendations as well as high-quality service support for your garage door needs. No matter what is it, you will get your garage door running in the best condition with professional garage door experts.

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